From now on we use the professional static – software according to DIN 18008 ›

From now on we use the professional static – software according to DIN 18008 Fa.Sommer of computer science.
Global Glass jars can be 1 + 2 statically dimensioned according to DIN 18008 part. With all applicable loads such as snow, wind, weight, imposed loads, climatic variations in air pressure and temperature, altitude and local air pressure fluctuations are considered in the calculation, as well as stresses and deflections compared with the permissible values

We also use the glass sizing Ako (crash-locking), Üko (overhead) and also ÜkoPunkt (FEM) (overhead point with holder)


Order placement to final design of the bonded skylights over the F90 doors.
The contract also includes the design of the steel structure.
Request of the architect this to construct the glazing such that it has no visible fixings of the glass panes.

Oberlicht Typ 1

The year has started very well … ›

… about the many inquiries and upcoming work says the whole team!
Great projects are in the decision and the chances are of being at the one-or others involved very well!

Also found the “construction” in Munich (international trade fair for the building), with lots of great new products that ultimately find their application in our planning! For 2015 is the new date for the show:

SCHREIER Glaskonstruktion is now multilingual ›

In order to offer our customers more service, we have created our website also in English and Russian!
More on this under the conditions described “flag”!

New photos at References ›

Look at my References! We have uploaded some actual photos of our projects there. Have fun!

Winter break 2012 ›

Dear customers and friends,

We are for you available till the 21.12.2012.

Following that date, our offices will be closed till the 04.01.2013

Starting from the 07.01.2013 we will be available for you as usual.

We wish all our customers, suppliers and friends a merry X-Mass and a happy new year.

BV Geers (Dortmund) ›

…and once again we got an urgent order!
Due to the coming winter break in the industry (production of ESG glass) was it necessary for our customer Fa.Glas Lerchernmüller GmbH to release this order as soon as possible. Only when the architect gives his okay, can the production begin.

We managed to accomplish the planning in a one night shift.
The order was given on Thursday afternoon and accomlished at 07:30 the following day.

Popularity of our Facebook-Site ›

The popularity of our Facebook-Site ( increases continually 😉

BV Hoebig – Urgent order ›

Our customer the company Glas Lerchenmüller has submitted us an urgent order.

Within 8 hours we had the complete projection planning including ascertainment of the glass measurement and the list of material of two complicated all glass constructions to realize. Here are few impressions of it!

New design adjustments of our web site ›

Armata technical font has been added for the menu bar and the heading.
The gray appearance of the site has been darkened with more contour.

“Theme” mainly with more character and less conservative.
Picture frame has been given a stronger appearance and standardized Lato font for the web site.

Inserted separating bars for single Postings at Header Point “News”.