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The installation work for the given contract has begun.

Our main task was to estimate the needed detailed planning and generate the list for glass and materials needed.

Glass surface amounted to about 280 m2 by 13 sliding doors of the System “DORMA AGILE 150”

The displayed construction is only one of many different formats and design types.

40 years Dieburg North – Day of the open house ›

Constructions made partly or wholly of glass are always fascinating. The possibilities to use glass in constructions are versatile/numerous, and mostly needs intensive consulting and planning. Due to my long years of experience and know how in the field of glass construction I have been working as an consultant for the past few months for companies such as company Glas Lerchenmüller from Dieburg. Our main goal is continues product improvement and innovation incentives. Essentially to the later is the exchange of practical knowledge with other specialized companies and service providers; as well as, close contact to the executing planning engineer and architects.

Detailed planning and project work in Giessen ›

For a restaurant project, I received the detailed planning for some of the glass custom constructions.

Here are some first impressions of the planning…