Behind SCHREIER Glass Construction with its base in Wehrheim which is part of the State of Hessen in Germany, stands the consultant, planner, developer and creative director Wolfgang Schreier and his professional network of experts with diverse specialization and assembly section around glass projects in the private and public sector, as well as the commercial ordering party.

SCHREIER Glass Construction undertakes all counseling, planning and the realization of glass construction all from one provider.

Wolfgang Schreier has been for many years leading as managing director, team leader and product manager fully budgeted with project responsibility for ambitious and successful enterprises local and abroad. With SCHREIER Glass Construction he offers his knowledge and expertise solely independently directed towards the needs and demands, customer oriented on project basis at your disposal.


SCHREIER Glass Construction: beneficial, efficient and budget optimized counseling, planning and projection. Creative flexibility. Modern IT-Tools. Business analytic expertise. Glass clear projects.